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Breakfast in the dining room, with the sun flooding in the windows that offer splendid views, is the ideal way to kick-start the day, and you’ll be all set to tackle a tiring trip in the mountains or on the Trentino Alto Adige ski runs after a healthy, hearty breakfast buffet featuring an array of natural produce, home-made sweets and freshly baked bread.

In the evening, you’ll be welcomed back by a colourful, attractively set table laid out with a superb buffet of starters, fresh vegetables and desserts. On the menu you’ll find typical specialities from Trentino and the Valcamonica, as well as international dishes and special menus for children and vegetarian guests.

Our hotel on the Tonale Pass is as unique as each of our guests, and our aim is to satisfy even the most demanding gourmet visitor. You can rest assured our food and wine will be as memorable as the rest of your stay in Trentino.


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