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Passo Tonale ski area

Cutting-edge chairlifts and gondola lifts allow for skiing from Temù (1155 m a.s.l.) up to the Presena Glacier (3000 m), with runs offering plenty of choice and landscapes that change all the time, with age-old woodlands giving way to vast stretches of snow-covered ground and snowfields that never melt.

100 kilometres of runs of varying difficulty and with perfect snow cover, thanks to a well-equipped ski area that has been renovated throughout. The whole ski area offers unique opportunities for carving and snowboarding fans, as well as for telemark enthusiasts.

Skiers will feel they’re in a different ski area every day, on runs with impeccable snow cover guaranteed thanks to the snow cannons in function regularly throughout the area.

Ski pass price list

Map of the ski runs


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